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🗞️Conflicts at sea impacting ship arrivals

This week's shipping news. Plus, almost $1 million being spent on EV chargers.

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It’s not Thursday, but how about starting the day off with a throwback? If you’re flying into or out of Halifax the aerial view of the city probably looks a lot different than it does in this 1950s/60s photo. Reply to let me know what changes you can spot from then to now.

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US-Houthi conflict shows early signs of affecting ship arrivals in Halifax

📸 Shipfax/ Mac Mackay

When the hard-to-miss ONE Crane container ship arrived in Halifax late Monday morning, it did so by a most unusual route—and not just because of the channel it followed into the harbour. As is often the case, the 364-metre-long ship came in from Colombo, Sri Lanka. Ordinarily, that would have involved passage through the Gulf of Aden, the Red Sea and Egypt’s Suez Canal. But the ONE Crane’s crew took a different approach, as Shipfax’s Mac Mackay wrote on Monday: Rather than take the shorter route, the ship sailed around the southern tip of Africa to reach the Atlantic Ocean (and eventually, Halifax). And that’s because right now, the Red Sea is the centre stage for a war.

🤔 Need to know

🫶 Applications for Nova Scotia’s Salvation Army Heat Fund, a program meant to help low-income individuals with the cost of heating, are now open. 

🖼️ Support4Culture is a proud supporter of the Black Loyalist Heritage Centre and other NS museums. See the impact Support4Culture makes here.*

💃 Live Art Dance presents Toronto company Rock Bottom Movement and their exciting show An Immortal Kinda Love! On stage January 27th, get your tickets TODAY!*

🛒 Pete’s Frootique in Halifax has reopened following weeks of an employee strike.

🌚 NOCTURNE 2024 call for submissions is open! Are you an artist who's interested in participating in this year's festival? Find out more.*

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🗞️ In Other News

🎣 Here’s the miraculous story of how three fishermen were rescued from their burning boat off the coast of Nova Scotia. 

🐎 Zoe Lucas has a long history with Sable Island. Read about what she’s accomplished on the sandbar since the 1970s.  

🎭 Neptune Theatre is holding auditions for its 2024/25 season on March 19. Applications for auditions are due February 12. 

🔌 The federal government is investing almost $1 million to install 56 electric vehicle charging stations in Halifax

🔥 Remember those forest fires last year? Some of them are still burning. Hydrologist John Pomeroy explains how the year 2024 is shaping up to be as bad as our worst-case predictions for the year 2100.

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🗓️ Things To Do

Don’t stress about finding something fun to do—The Coast has you covered with event picks like these:

🗓 The Bike Shed: The Ecology Action Centre has put together a day program for individuals over 50 who are looking to give back to the community. Members would spend a couple of hours a week repairing bikes that would then be donated to Mobile Outreach Street Health. An information session is being held this week for those interested in joining | Jan. 18 | 1-2pm | Free

🗓 Town Hall: The Bus Stop Theatre is holding an open mic Town Hall hosted by Kiana Josette and Duff Mardino, where artists of all mediums can drop by to talk about what they’re working on and find out what’s happening in the community | Jan. 21 | 6:30-9pm | Free

🗓 0% Open Bar: Music Nova Scotia is hosting a non-alcoholic beer tasting and industry peer mixer to talk about sobriety within the music industry at the Alexander Keith Brewery | Jan. 25 | 6-8pm | RSVP here

Find more Halifax events in The Coast listings

🍴 Where To Eat & Drink

Donair delicacy: Love everything about the classic donair? Why not try it at The Armview Restaurant & Lounge in burger form: A bun stacked with a beef patty, donair meat, red onions, tomato, banana peppers and mozzarella, topped with donair sauce. 

Get the gumbo: Looking for a hearty, surprisingly vegetarian option to try around town this week? Stop by Wild Leek and order its Southern Sausage & Kidney Bean Gumbo served with fried plantains. 

A ski-worthy drink: Tatamagouche Brewing has released the Rosebowl Radler, a fruit-forward beer that’s on tap at Ski Wentworth, ready to refresh you after a day on the slopes.

A lunch classic: There’s nothing wrong with a classic sandwich for lunch. Just ask The Brooklyn Warehouse’s Mortadella Melt: A ciabatta bun stuffed with mortadella, provolone, horseradish aioli and Dijon.

Monthly milkshake: Who said milkshakes are just for summer? Stop by The Chicken Burger and try its featured milkshake for the month, Mocha.

🛍️ Shop Talk

Dinosaurs are coming to Halifax: The Museum of Natural History will be closed until January 28 while a new exhibit is set up.

Closed for maintenance: Starting today, the Good Robot Taproom will be closed until February 7 while they prepare and plan for the year ahead.

👀 In Case You Missed It

• A Quebec man has pleaded guilty to setting 14 forest fires after spreading conspiracies that the government was behind the flames. 

A new report from the World Health Organization shows that the use of tobacco continues to decline in Canada and worldwide. In Canada, only 11.4% of Canadians used tobacco in 2022 compared to 28.3% in 2000.

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