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International Women's Day spotlight shines on Indigenous women

Plus a whole bunch of International Women's Day events.

Happy International Women’s Day!

This is the perfect occasion to vibe you out on something The Coast is struggling with. IWD reminds us of the power of thinking big, beyond our own backyards. “Imagine a gender equal world,” encourages the International Women’s Day website. “A world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination. A world that's diverse, equitable, and inclusive. A world where difference is valued and celebrated.” 

The IWD organization says getting there takes celebrating women’s achievement, identifying discrimination, taking action—the sort of things we can do in our backyards and communities. “IWD belongs to everyone, everywhere. Inclusion means all IWD action is valid.” Or as the environmental movement put it, think globally, act locally. (And you’ll find lots of ways to act locally for IWD in the Things To Do section below.)

The Coast’s struggle is finding its most useful place on that range from global to local. Useful to you, I mean. The Coast launched in the 1990s as a weekly newspaper, when Halifax was served by multiple daily newspapers plus a bunch of other weeklies, monthlies and two (!) national dailies. There was also an abundance of radio and TV stations. To survive we needed a niche, and we found it in the local. If you picked up a Coast you’d only find stories with a clear Halifax connection. Being exclusively Halifax was our rule, our mission, our advantage. And our readers dug it.

Fast forward 30 years or so, and the mediascape is nearly unrecognizable. The web puts the world in our pockets, while Facebook threatens every news provider in Canada on two fronts: its relentless advertising business vacuums up potential revenue, and it is actively banning news from appearing on its popular Facebook and Instagram platforms. To survive, The Coast has to be relevant, but what does relevant mean to you?

Maybe you’re plugged into media sites around the globe, subscribe to a diverse batch of newsletters and use social media networks that don’t censor news—in that case a Coast that’s exclusively focused on Halifax may be a useful supplement to your knowledge. You don’t need us to tell you what’s happening in Ottawa or Washington, Gaza or Ukraine. 

But if you trusted Facebook to keep you in the know, and your only newsletter is this very Coast Daily, you could probably use more of a mix from us. Think globally, think locally, think about whatever’s interesting wherever it’s happening.

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Halifax filmmaker Stephanie Joline shines spotlight on Indigenous women

Women of This Land features, from left, Imelda Perley, Darlene Bernard, shalan joudry and Jennie Williams 📸 submitted

Growing up in Yarmouth, Stephanie Joline was always aware of her Indigenous ancestry. The daughter of an Inuk mother and French Acadian father, she was raised to be “very proud” of the roots she came from. That came, in part, from her maternal grandmother, who helped raise her. “It was beading and drum circles since I can remember,” Joline says, speaking by phone with The Coast’s Martin Bauman.

But what she didn’t see often were people who looked like her on television or in film. Or if she did, it always seemed to be the same story. “The only time I would ever hear of [Indigenous people] was when it was about fisheries disputes,” the Halifax-based filmmaker says. Or it was stereotypes “of like a wise, old Native man giving advice in a movie.” Limited roles. And seldom women.

That omission is the driving force behind Joline’s latest work, the four-part documentary series Women of This Land. Find out more about the series, which is released for streaming on International Women’s Day, on The Coast’s website.

🤔 Need To Know

🛟 The Bridge, an innovative housing shelter that has a variety of health services on-site, got its lease renewed by the province on Thursday. Located on Wyse Road and used for shelter by about 185 people a month since opening in May 2023, the lease extension will keep The Bridge open through March 2025.

💸 Clayton Developments is backing away from a deal with the province that would have paid Clayton nearly $22 million for building affordable homes at its Mount Hope project, apparently because that's just not enough money. "I think that this government wants to solve every social issue with a private sector partnership and I think that that approach doesn't work," NDP leader Claudia Chender said about the situation. "You can't incent the private sector to do things that are not economic for them."


Ballet Edmonton presented by Live Art Dance

Live Art Dance presents Ballet Edmonton. An elegant evening of three short works curated by celebrated choreographer and Artistic Director Wen Wei Wang. With dancers and repertoire from around the world, this show is a must-see!

On stage March 22nd, Spatz Theatre at 8:00 pm. Tickets here.

🗞️ In Other News

🏀 Saint Mary's Huskies sadly lost their game against Queen's, 69 to 54, Thursday at the Canadian university women's basketball championship in Edmonton. SMU is now out of contention for a gold, silver or bronze medal, but is still in the consolation round, playing BC's University of the Fraser Valley on Friday at 8pm Halifax time. Meanwhile the men's basketball championship starts Friday in Quebec City; Halifax's hopes are pinned on the Dalhousie Tigers, who face the Brock Badgers (well played on that name, Brock) at 9pm our time.

🙉 The province sent a survey to people who own property on the coast, asking their opinion on the Coastal Protection Act. Although more than 1,000 people responded, with the majority in favour of the act, Nova Scotia environment minister Tim Halman has decided to "listen to" the roughly 39,000 people who didn't reply, claiming their lack of participation in the survey means a disregard for the protective rules. To that end, the government is dropping the legislation.


Oodles of Noodles on Quinpool

Life is too short to skip your noodle cravings and from March 6-10, restaurants on Quinpool will do their best to satisfy your cravings during Oodles of Noodles, a brand-new celebration of noodles. Indulge in noodles dishes such as rigatoni, carbonara, mac n cheese, spicy noodle soup and more!

🗓️ Things To Do

To find something to do this International Women’s Day weekend, check out these Coast picks:

🗓 IWFC Atlantic Women’s Day Breakfast: The regional branch of the International Women’s Forum Canada marks IWD with a panel about gender equality in technology, in particular gender bias in AI. Panelists for this Friday morning event at the Convention Centre are Jennifer Laplante, Wenwen Pei and Dr. Nur Zincir-Haywood, with moderator Dr. Alice Aiken | Mar. 8 | 8-9:30am | $100

🗓 UnMasqued—Unleash Your Inner Queen: This IWD fundraiser for Bryony House promises a fun Friday night of performances, dancing and shopping. There will be drag queens, speakers, mingling and a group of 20 local businesses run by female entrepreneurs, all brought together by The Mom Market Halifax at the Steele Wheels Motor Museum | Mar. 8 | 6-11:30pm | $50 and up

🗓 As Of Late Fundraiser: Enjoy international music by BASYL, Shanii and more Friday at Tart & Soul Cafe, with proceeds going to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund  | Mar. 8 | 7-9pm | Pay what you can

🗓 International Women’s YAY!: Celebrate International Women’s Day this Friday with this comedy show/fundraiser at Elle’s Bisto. Half of ticket sales go to Adsum for Women & Children | Mar. 8 | 8-10pm | $22.63  

🗓 Right Talented Talented Show with Tracy & Martina: Comedy duo Tracy & Martina, known as “two Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, gals who love a cig, a drink and a healthy dose of drama—not necessarily in that order,” host an IWD talent show Friday at Garrison Brewing’s Seaport location. | Mar. 8 | 8pm | $59.91 and up

🗓 Holly-Bolly Friday: DJ Spin Singh is coming in from Toronto to power a party of Bollywood hits and Hollywood glitz at the Toothy Moose | Mar. 8 | 9pm | $10.90 and up

🗓 Sackville Sandwich Week: Burger Bash doesn’t start until April 11, but for an appetizer you can take in Sackville’s celebration of sandwiches, with 15 restaurants participating through Saturday | final day Mar. 9

🗓 Women Inspiring Women: In honour of International Women’s Day, this networking event Saturday at the Delmore “Buddy” Daye Learning Institute is a space for women to share, support and connect | Mar. 9 | 11am-1pm | $25

🗓 Ghana Independence Celebration: To mark Ghana’s 67th independence day, the Ghanaian Association of Nova Scotia is hosting a dinner dance Saturday at St. Mary’s Boat Club. Dress is kente or formal | Mar. 9 | 5-8pm | $15 and up

🗓 Women writers sharing new work: Dalhousie University’s Heather Jessup hosts this IWD event Saturday at the Halifax Women’s Council House, where a group of writers from the Dal community will share excerpts from new material. “International Women's Day is a day that matters deeply to me, and, in my mind, includes women, female-identifying or non-binary folks, and people of all genders who are grateful for all that women do in this world to bring peace, wildness, leadership and generosity to the world,” Dr. Jessup has said in describing her intention for this get together. “Unfortunately, misogyny and violence against women and non-cis folks continues to exist and having a moment to just revel in language and each other's remarkable company is a gift and a form of resistance and resilience.” | Mar. 9 | 7pm | Free

🗓 Court of Nonsense: Third Bridge improv comedy team wants to take you to court—their courtoom of spontaneous laughter. They play the lawyers, inspired by your issues, Saturday at The Mousetrap (in Good Robot Brewing) | Mar. 9 | 7:30-9:30pm | $17.31

🗓 Cole Harbour Kitchen Party: Jason Price is a country music singer-songwriter from Lawrencetown, who’s recorded in Nashville and been on stage with such names as Terri Clark, Brett Kissel and Lonestar. And Saturday night he’s the star of a kitchen party at Cole Harbour Place, where music, laughter and good times rule | Mar. 9 | 8pm | $22.50

🗓 22’s Hot-Shots: Members of the This Hour has 22 Minutes team get out from behind their desks to perform stand-up comedy, Saturday at The Sanctuary Centre for the arts | Mar 9 | 8-10pm | $27.96

🗓 Lady Power!: Get ready to dance as cover band Rec Room Jams takes the stage Saturday at Mill Cove Brew Pub. For International Women’s Day, $5 of the ticket price goes to Adsum for Women & Children | Mar. 9 | 8pm | $11.98

🗓 Oodles of Noodles: Can you handle another food event? Is that even a question? Quinpool Road’s first-ever ode to the noodle is on until Sunday | final day Mar. 10

🗓 Power Ladies 3.0: As the organizers of this fitness-and-mediation session for International Women’s Day put it: “We see this as an opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and empowerment.” Join them Sunday at the downtown Lululemon | Mar. 10 | 1-2pm | Free

Find more Halifax events in The Coast listings

⚓️ What’s In The Harbour: Weekend Edition

🚢 Contship Pep, which is indeed a container ship as the name suggests, is expected to arrive at the Fairview Cove terminal Friday at 10:20am. The 139-metre-long vessel is coming in from New York for 12 hours in Halifax before it leaves for Kingston, Jamaica at 10pm.

🚢 This is a big bird! At 138,907 tonnes and 364 metres long, ONE Hawk gets to the South End Container Terminal Friday at 1:15pm after the long voyage from Colombo, Sri Lanka. It takes off at midnight for New York.

➡️ The 120-metre ro-ro Nolhan Ava finishes its latest Halifax visit on Friday at 6pm, when it heads for Argentia, Newfoundland.

➡️ Another ro-ro is leaving for Newfoundland at 6pm Friday, but the 193-metre-long Oceanex Sanderling is destined for St. John’s.

➡️ On Saturday the Stolt Sisto, a 183-metre, 46,011-tonne oil tanker, departs the Imperial refinery in Dartmouth at 8am for ports unknown.

🚢 Container ship EF Ava pulls into the South End terminal Saturday at 12:15pm from Portland, Maine, for a short stay before heading out at 6pm for Argentia.

🚢 Sunday’s first scheduled visitor is the 262-metre-long container ship ZIM Atlantic. It’s due in from Valencia, Spain at 6:20am, and will spend the day at Fairview Cove before leaving for New York at 10pm.

🚢 MSC Nerissa, a 294-metre container ship, arrives from Sines, Portugal at 11:15am Sunday. Berthing for a quick stop at the South End terminal, at 5pm it leaves for Montreal.

🚢 Last but far from least, Erving gets to the South End terminal Sunday at 8:15pm from Tanger Med, Morocco. This container ship is 366 metres long—beating out the ONE Hawk by two metres for the coveted title of longest visitor of the weekend—and can carry 141,377 tonnes of cargo. But you’ll have to be quick if you want to see it: Erving’s scheduled for a super-tight turnaround that has it shipping out at midnight for New York.

👀 In Case You Missed It

🐇 Clocks "spring forward" this weekend, jumping ahead an hour at 2am Sunday to go onto daylight saving time. Annoying as this outdated practise is, at least we can complain about it. Animals aren't so lucky; if you've got a pet, it might need help adjusting to the new time.

🎤 Let's finish with an International Women's Yippee Ki-Yah: Emmylou Harris is playing Halifax July 11 at the jazz festival.

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