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  • 🗞️ A Coast encounter with drug-sniffing dogs

🗞️ A Coast encounter with drug-sniffing dogs

Dispatches from the 2024 JUNO Awards

Good morning!

If today’s note reads a little rambly, blame the JUNOs. It’s not often the annual awards ceremony comes to Halifax—and to mark the occasion, I stayed up long past my bedtime to hobnob with Canadian music’s biggest names. It was a barrel of fun—even if, for most of the red carpet run, I desperately needed to pee. (More on that later.)

It was a joy to meet artists like Aysanabee—fresh off a pair of JUNO wins—and Halifax’s own Reeny, Gary Beals, Jah’Mila, JRDN, Classified and Jenn Grant. And Elliot Page, too!

Catch up on it all below.

– Martin

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Pit sweat and drug checks: Dispatches from the JUNO Red Carpet

📸 CARAS / Ryan Bolton

The 2024 JUNO Awards Ceremony kicked off in Halifax on a typical Nova Scotia Sunday—which is to say, a day marked by wind and rain that caused widespread power outages across the province. A tree fell down near the corner of North and Robie streets, knocking power out across the neighbourhood.

It could’ve been seen as an omen. More prescient minds might’ve taken it as such. Alas. As they say in the business, though, the show must go on.

Coast reporter Martin Bauman braved the winds and headed to the JUNO Red Carpet for a glimpse of Canadian music celebrity. From run-ins with drug-sniffing dogs to out-of-place politicians, here’s what happened next.


10,000 Nova Scotia teachers to take strike vote as ‘wake-up call’ to province

📸 YouTube

Close to 10,000 teachers in Nova Scotia will vote on Apr. 11 on whether or not to strike. The Nova Scotia Teachers Union (NSTU) is negotiating a new collective agreement with the province. (The last agreement expired Aug. 1, 2023.)

Both bargaining teams have met with a provincial conciliator to help improve negotiations after six months of bargaining. Union president Ryan Lutes tells The Coast this strike vote will serve as a “wake-up call” to the province: Teachers are struggling and need their concerns negotiated into a fair contract, or they’re prepared to take action, he says.

The top issues, according to Lutes? Teaching conditions and teacher shortages.

According to a recent NSTU survey, 84% of teachers have contemplated quitting in the last five years. “Most of them cite increasing violence, burnout or increased workload as reasons for that,” says Lutes, “and we're not getting any meaningful discussion on many of those issues at the bargaining table.”

🤔 Need To Know

🌬️ Thousands of Nova Scotians were without power as of late Sunday afternoon after heavy winds buffeted the province—toppling a tree at North and Robie streets.

🍬 A Halifax mother says the candy-esque packaging used in a weed edible is what enticed her son and some classmates into unknowingly ingesting them at school last week.

🗞️ In Other News

⛺️ CBC reporter Taryn Grant spent months visiting the since-closed Grand Parade tent encampment and getting to know its residents. Here are their stories.

📺 Halifax comedian Travis Lindsay will appear on an episode of Canada’s Got Talent this week. The Coast caught up with Lindsay ahead of his set at the Underground Comedy Railroad Tour last month.


Paint the town BURGER

150 burgers, 10 days and 1 beer for a year give away.

Find all the juicy details being grilled up for Halifax Burger Bash - April 11 to 20.

⚓️ What’s In The Harbour

🚢 The 294-metre-long NYK Rigel container ship is expected to arrive in Halifax between 1am and 5:30am from Saint John, NB. It leaves for Southampton, UK, by 4pm.

➡️ The Em Kea container ship leaves Halifax for Antwerp, Belgium, around 3:30am.

➡️ The 294-metre-long MSC Cornelia container ship departs Halifax for Montreal around 5am.

🚢 The Tropic Lissette container ship is due to arrive in Halifax from Philipsburg, Sint Maarten around 7:10am.

➡️ The 37,787-tonne CB Pacific oil tanker is slated to leave Halifax for Quebec City around 11am.

➡️ The Toledo vehicle carrier is expected to depart Halifax for New York City around noon.

➡️ The 183-metre-long Acadian oil tanker is due to leave Halifax for St. John’s, NL, around 6pm.

🚢 The 157,076-tonne CMA CGM Brazil container ship is slated to arrive in Halifax from Tanger Med, Morocco, around 6:15pm.

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